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Our translators are not only professional linguists but also trained jurists. Whether it is a contract, brief, court decision or any other type of legal document - we are familiar with the subject-matter, know the correct terminology and use the appropriate idiomatic phrases.


Labour law
Employment agreements
Shop agreements/Labour-management contracts

Company law
Joint-venture agreements
Equity participation agreements
Company resolutions
Memoranda/Articles of Association
Excerpts from the Company Register
Letters-of-comfort (binding/non-binding)
Partnership agreements

Industrial property law

Script-writer agreements

Agreements for the exploitation of adaptation and filming rights
Presenter agreements
Production agreements

Land law/ conveyancing
Hereditary building right agreements
Abstracts/certificates of title

Conveyancing agreements

Legal correspondence

Sale & purchase agreements
Sale and purchase agreements

Rental law
Rental contracts (commercial/non-commercial)

Shipping law
Works safety officer appointment contracts
Pool agreements

Insurance law
General/Special terms and conditions of insurance
Marine insurance terms and conditions

Institute clauses

Distribution law
Agency agreements
Authorised-dealer agreements
Distribution agreements

Other types of agreements
Assignment contracts
General Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions of purchase

Non-disclosure agreements
Vendor cost recovery agreements
Quality-management agreements
Framework-/Master agreements
Service agreements
Terms and conditions of sale